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TROY Vitamin B12 100ml


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VITAMIN B12 is an essential B Complex vitamin, vitally involved in many critical metabolic processes related to coenzymes for tissue formation, DNA synthesis, complete utilisation of carbohydrates and proteins for nervous tissue maintenance and energy production, and blood counts.


VITAMIN B12 deficiencies can have serious consequences, both in performance horses with a high tissue turnover rate, and in pregnancy and growth of young foals. Clinically the first sign of deficiency is anaemia.


VITAMIN B12 is useful to stimulate appetite in horses, and is essential in maintenance of adequate blood counts.


Dosage and Administration


Give 5 – 10 mL by intramuscular injection regularly twice weekly, or as advised by a veterinary surgeon.


Suited for dogs, cats, horses and cattle who are experiencing B12 deficiencies.

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