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Oralx Tyrosine 34g


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ORALX TYROSINE is a blend of herbs and amino acids. Its two main ingredients are Phenylalanine and Tyrosine. ORALX TYROSINE paste works in two ways:

Phenylalanine is important because the equine body cannot produce it in sufficient quantities when under stress, as in heavy competition or racing

 Phenylalanine aids the thyroid, assisting the absorption of oxygen and converting fats to energy for a staying finish with minimum levels of stress

Phenylalanine cannot be synthesized by the body; however, Tyrosine can be processed, but only with the correct levels of Phenylalanine in the body – hence the benefit of ORALX TYROSINE paste.


TYROSINE plays a role in energy metabolism as it aids in the production of the hormones Epinephrine (which is adrenaline; finding that extra yard at the post); Norepinephrine (for stabilizing a horse's mood when it is stressed, flat or edgy); and Thyroxine (for aiding thyroid deficiencies which can result in weight loss, lack of stamina and fading at the winning post). As a useful supplement, ORALX TYROSINE paste can help give the equine athlete that lift needed to perform at optimum levels.


Directions: Administer the entire contents onto the back of the horse's tongue.


Use one to two tubes 4 hours before strenuous work.


SIZE:Available in a 34g tube (single dose).

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