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Whistler Large Parrot Healthy Bar 100g


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Whistler’s Healthy Bar Bird Treats are going to be a huge hit with your feathered friend.


Made with real ingredients, all selected to keep your bird happy as well as healthy, these tasty treats are the perfect way to let your bird know you care. And even better news – they’re available in recipes to suit all kinds of birds!


Suitable as a treat for large parrots

A hook at the top lets you hang your bird’s Healthy Bar from their cage or a branch, for easy access




Peanuts, banana, pineapple, sorghum, wheat, safflower, paw-paw, whole oats, grey sunflower, whole corn, black sunflower, fine shell grit, plain canary seed, currents and honey



Weight: 100g

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Weight0.120 kg
Dimensions22 × 4 × 4 cm


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