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The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl


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The Speedy Stitcher is an indispensable hand-sewing tool for repairs on the go. Renowned for its user-friendly and portable outdoor gear repair kits, the Speedy Stitcher threads, needles, and awl kits make stitching and repairing heavy materials such as leather and canvas effortless. Survival Supplies Australia offers the Speedy Stitcher Sewing and Repair Kit, which includes the famous awl, needles, thread, and other tools. Beginner hand sewers and those looking for portable repairs will love this kit. The Speedy Stitcher Awl, the brand's flagship product, is celebrated for its simplicity and effectiveness. This heavy-duty stitching tool creates a durable lockstitch with a needle and shuttle, like a sewing machine, for crafting and outdoor repairs. Whether at home, on a farm, or in the great Australian outdoors, the Speedy Stitcher Leather Stitching Awl and Canvas Sewing Awl is your reliable ally in fixing and fabricating heavy materials.

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