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For the fussy eaters, Pryde's EasiResult is a completely delicious performance feed for fussy eaters, ridiculously tasty formulation that virtually every horse is guaranteed to eat.


A scientifically formulated, oat free muesli blend, containing extruded grains, legumes, oilseeds and vitamin and mineral pellets, rolled in molasses and cold pressed canola oil for a complete feed horses love.


The fully extruded, grain based formulation provides highly digestible, but cool energy, allowing you to bring the best out in your horse without the fizz.


Fortified with cold pressed canola oil and sunflower seeds with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for brilliant coat shine and the maintenance of healthy cell membranes.


The palatable muesli mix contains high quality protein to support muscle development, plus a stabilised pellet incorporating balanced vitamins and minerals to optimise digestibility, maintain potency and avoid sifting out.


Suitable For:


Equestrian, Sport Horses, Performance Horses, Endurance Horses.


Nutrients Supplied:


Pryde's have formulated Pryde's EasiResult to provide a balanced nutrient intake based on the knowledge of the specific needs of horses and the nutrient content of common feeds. Formulations are updated regularly as new research findings become available.




Extruded Barley, Molasses, Vitamin and Mineral Pellet (millmix, wheat, lupins, faba beans, calcium phosphate, barley, Prydes trace mineral and vitamin premix for working horses, limestone, magnesium oxide, salt, dried molasses, cold pressed canola oil), Extruded Sorghum, Lucerne Chaff, Extruded Corn, Millmix, Extruded Lupins, Sunflower Seeds, Extruded Full Fat Soybean, Bentonite, Cold Pressed Canola Oil, Salt, Limestone, Vitamin E.


For the Best Results:


Introduce into a horses ration gradually over 1 to 2 weeks.


Feed in conjunction with ample forage (pasture, hay and/or chaff).


Make clean, fresh water and salt available at all times.


Adjust the amount fed so it is appropriate for a horses body fatness, stage of training and workload, along with the quality and quantity of forage available.


Divide feeds into two or more smaller meals if feeding more than 0.5 kg per 100 kg of bodyweight in hard feed per day.


The feeding rates given here are based on the amount of feed needed to meet a horses vitamin and mineral requirements.


If you feed below these feeding rates, vitamin and mineral deficiencies will appear in the diet and may affect health and limit performance.


To avoid this, simply add one of Pryde's EasiBalanced Pellets to top up vitamin and mineral intakes. 

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