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Manuka Haylage

Manuka Haylage® is premium lucerne forage conserved as a small brick silage for horses. 100% of the lucerne used to make Manuka Haylage® is grown and cut from the fertile black soil of the Liverpool Plains around Quirindi NSW. It's high in protein and nutrients, contains no dust, is low in sugar and horses love the taste.


Great for:

Thin or old horses who need to gain weight.

Performance horses and breeding mares with high nutrition needs.

Horses with dust allergies or respiratory disease.

Horses prone to laminitis that need to be fed a low NSC (sugar) diet.

Horses travelling or not drinking well when away from home.

Endurance horses needing calcium and hydration during competitive rides.

Haylage should be fed as part of a balanced diet.

Introduce haylage into your horse's diet slowly over a period of 7 to 14 days.

The following amounts can be fed per day (based on a 500 kg bodyweight): Adjust the amount being fed according to your horse's bodyweight, body condition and current activity level.

Feeding directions

Spelling Horses – up to 1.5 kg/day

Working Horses – up to 3 kg/day

Pregnant Mares – up to 2 kg/day

Lactating Mares – up to 4 kg/day

Show Horses – up to 2 kg/day

Weanlings/Yearlings – up to 1 kg/day

Horses needing to gain weight – up to 4 kg/day M

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