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Livamol Glo 750ml


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IAH Livamol Glo Conditioner

IAH Livamol Glo Conditioner


Livamol Glo helps to protect the coat, repel dirt and dust and add a brilliant final finish to your horses coat. When used for show preparation, this forms the final stage of grooming after Livamol Suds and Blu.


Key Features:


Show finish

Protects coat, repels dirt and dust

Adds brilliant lasting shine

Ideal for keeping manes and tails tangle-free and glistening

Can be as the final stage in full show preparation

Suitable for all horses



Suitable For:


All horses, particularly in the preparation of show horses.





May irritate the eyes. Avoid contact and protect eyes while using. If this product splashes into the eyes, wash eyes immediately with water.

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