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KOHNKES Kleen Sheen 5 Litre


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Concentrated Foam-Lifting Shampoo with Conditioner and Colour Highlighter

Kleen-Sheen is a concentrated shampoo with a built-in conditioner which provides a deep clean and removes stains but does not strip essential oils from the coat.

The foaming wash rinses out easily, leaving a soft, silky, shiny coat that will have your horse smelling like roses!

Kleen-Sheen also contains an advanced, iridescent purple highlighter for enhanced coat colour and is biodegradable to help the environment.

Our Concept for Kleen Sheen

Kleen-Sheen is silicon enhanced for the brightest shine with a built-in conditioner for the softest coat.

Kohnke’s Own has formulated Kleen-Sheen to be free of any harsh substances, and as a concentrate meaning it can be used daily, with just 50mls needed to wash an entire horse.

Economical and suitable for all horses, it is especially popular for show horses and ponies to highlight the coat for a winning sheen.


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