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Protect your horse from hindgut acidosis with EquiShure® created by the scientists at Kentucky Equine Research! Developed for horses at risk of or suspected of having hindgut acidosis, a condition where excess lactic acid is present in the hindgut. This supplement is designed for all horses at risk of suffering from this condition. By utilizing encapsulation technology, the buffering agent is able to reach the target area of the G.I. tract without losing effectiveness. EquiShure® is recommended for horses on high grain diets or in lush pastures, horses experiencing weight loss, unexplained behavioral problems or loose stools, horses prone to colic or laminitis, and horses under the stress of training and traveling.


Key Features

Designed for Horses That Have or are at Risk of Developing Hindgut Acidosis

Uses Time-Release Encapsulation Technology to Get Buffer Agent to Cecum

Stabilizes Hindgut pH


14-Day Supply


The above 'days supply' figure is based on a 1,000 lb horse receiving the typical or average maintenance dose; any adjustments to dosing will impact this figure.

Product Details

Feeding Instructions: Feed 30 to 180 g daily according to the horse’s size and risk for hindgut acidosis. Use the table below to determine recommended daily amount based on horse’s grain intake, forage source, and weight. Top-dress EquiShure on feed or give orally. For best results, divide the amount equally among feedings. 1 scoop = approximately 30 g


Ingredients: Monoglycerides, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.


Grain Intake Forage Source Amount Per Day

Low – Moderate Mostly Hay 60 – 90 g

Low – Moderate Mostly Pasture 60 – 90 g

Moderate – High Mostly Hay 90 – 120 g


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