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F10 200ml (Disinfectant)


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This 200ml bottle of F10 is a veterinary grade total spectrum disinfectant that, unlike other strong disinfectants, has no adverse side effects on people, animals or on equipment and surfaces. It is ecologically friendly and biodegradable, and carries a wide range of registrations and approvals from around the world.

About the F10 SC Disinfectant 200ml


·Kills all types of pathogen – F10 SC is bacterial, virucidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal

·Has rapid kill times – less than 30 seconds for gram posotive bacteria, 60 seconds for gram negative bacteria, and even kills canine parvovirus in 20 minutes!

·Successfully tested against avian influenza (bird flu) viruses at a concentration of 1:500 in 10 minutes

·Dilution instructions on bottle


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