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Chicken Timber House (Coop) 2 Storey


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Chicken House provide protection, shelter, and a comfortable laying environment for chickens.

Each Chicken House features easy access doors with metal latches for security and sturdy chicken wire to keep chickens safe from predators.


Features & Benefits:


·Asphalt roof for greater weather protection

·Compact two-storey design suitable for smaller yards

·Stylish colour that will look great in any yard

·Enclosed nesting area to prevent drafts

·Multiple access points to ensure easy cleaning and quick access to birds

·Undercover run area for chickens to scratch and forage

·Metal latches and bolts for securing chickens

·Sturdy chicken wire to keep chickens safe from predators

·Raised off the ground for better airflow throughout the house

·Private laying boxes for chickens to nest in quiet comfort

·Top access to laying boxes for easy egg collection


Chicken House Timber 160.5x141x141cm Two Storey


Suitable for about 6 chickens


Material: Wood and iron wire construction

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions141 × 141 × 160.5 cm



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