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Blackdog Bigga Biscuits 10 kg


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Here at Habitat, we know there are two types of dogs: Good Dogs and Very Good Dogs.


When your dog deserves a treat, make sure it’s a Blackdog Biscuit. They're made in Australia using the best ingredients around, and they’re more than just really tasty – they’re also seriously healthy! Every one of these biscuits is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and they're oven baked to perfection. It's no wonder dogs will do anything to get their paws on a Blackdog biscuit.


Very Good, Very Big Dogs won't be able to resist Blackdog's Bigga Biscuits. These oversized bikkies are more than just tasty though – they're also good for your dog! Bigga Biscuits are low in fat, so you can give your dog an extra treat (or two) without feeling guilty. And with this huuuuge 10kg box, there's plenty to go around!


Made in Australia

Oven baked

Bigga Biscuits are big on taste, but low in fat, designed specifically for greyhounds and doggos on a diet

Large size is ideal for big dogs

Whether you buy this big box of bickies online or in-store, please keep in mind that some of the biscuits inside will likely have broken in transit. Your dog won't mind!

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Weight10.1 kg
Dimensions39 × 28 × 27 cm

CTN 10



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