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BAYER Seresto Flea Tick Collar Under 8kg


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For long lasting protection

A collar like no other, Seresto kills fleas on cats and fleas and ticks on dogs via simple contact with your pet’s skin. The Seresto collar provides long-lasting flea protection for cats and dogs for 8 months, and tick protection for dogs for 4 months.


Unlike other products, which only work after your cat or dog has been bitten, Seresto can fight off these parasites before they have a chance to bite your pet. The innovative collar works by releasing its active ingredients in controlled, low doses across your pet’s skin and coat. This ensures long-lasting efficacy and eliminates the need for more frequent treatments.


Odourless, water-resistant^ and easy to apply, the Seresto collar is an easy way to effectively control parasites for an extended period.




How does it work?

At first sight, Seresto might look like just another pet collar, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. The collar slowly releases two active ingredients – imidacloprid and flumethrin – into the lipid (oily/fatty) outer layer of your dog’s skin and fur. The collar creates an invisible layer of protection that kills fleas and repels and kills ticks that come into contact with your dog.




How to apply Seresto for dogs

Remove the Seresto dog collar from the pouch. Remove any remaining plastic connectors on the inside of the collar. Put the collar around your dog’s neck and insert the loose end into the two loops – cut off any extra length of collar, leaving about 2 cm of the loose end beyond the second loop.


Make sure it's neither too tight nor too loose. Ideally two fingers fit between the collar and your dog’s neck.

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