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Bainbridge Feeding Spoon S


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Bainbridge Bird Feeding Spoon

Introducing the Bainbridge Bird Feeding Spoon, a specialized tool crafted to facilitate the hand-feeding of birds, especially young, sick, or injured ones, without the need for a crop needle. Designed with precision and care, this feeding spoon offers a gentle and controlled method for administering nourishment to your feathered companions.


The spoon's shaped end ensures a steady flow of food while allowing you to maintain optimal control over the feeding process. With its curved edges, spillage is minimized, ensuring that every drop of nourishment reaches its intended recipient.


Available in two sizes small and large to accommodate birds of different sizes, the Bainbridge Bird Feeding Spoon is versatile and adaptable to your bird's specific needs. Elevate your bird care routine with the Bainbridge Bird Feeding Spoon, providing comfort, care, and nourishment when it's needed most.

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