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Bainbridge Controlled Feeder L


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Introducing the Bainbridge Bird Controlled Feeder Spoon, crafted from durable stainless steel to provide optimal support in the feeding of young, sick, and injured birds. This specialized spoon is meticulously designed to offer precise control over the feeding process, ensuring your feathered companions receive the nourishment they need.


With its shaped end, the feeder spoon facilitates a steady flow of food while maintaining the necessary control to deliver the feed accurately. The spoon's connection is compatible with all luer tapered syringes, allowing for seamless integration and easy monitoring of your bird's feed intake.


Paired with our medical-grade 10ml Luer Syringe, the special molded feeding spoon delivered via a tube creates the perfect combination for a controlled flow of nourishment to your birds.


Available in two sizes small and large to accommodate birds of different sizes, the Bainbridge Bird Controlled Feeder Spoon offers versatility and precision in bird care. Elevate your bird care routine with the Bainbridge Bird Controlled Feeder Spoon, providing comfort, care, and precise nourishment when it's needed most.

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